2019 Coke Games: Qiolevu returns with javelin gold to Kadavu


RICHMOND High School came with only four athletes to the Fiji Finals for exposure but returned to Kadavu with a gold medal.

Anisi Qiolevu competed for the first time in the games and stole the spotlight from the favourites, St John’s College, Jasper Williams High School and Adi Cakobau School when she threw a distance of 42.10 metres beating her personal best of 37m in the javelin.

Through dedication and commitments, the 18-year-old claimed the gold medal with excitement as she heads back to the island with a medal not only for her and her team but her school and families.

“This is my first year competing in the Coca-Cola Games and I wasn’t aiming for a medal but I was surprised to be selected because I don’t have the experience as the others have but I’m happy for this achievement,” said Qiolevu.

“There are only four of us and I believe one gold medal in this competition will make everyone back at home proud. Qiolevu looked back at the sacrifices they made to be part of the Fiji Finals and acknowledged everyone that was part of her success.

“We don’t have the proper facility like the school’s on Suva have but I’m proud of where I trained with my coach Paula Tuimabula for teaching me the basics of javelin,” Qiolevu said.

“I was committed with my training and despite all the sleepless nights and struggles, I just wanted to be part of the games but to win gold is a huge bonus for me.”

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