FTA: Counsel student bullies; School heads must identify threats


STUDENTS involved in bullying must receive counselling, says Fijian Teachers Association (FTA) general secretary Paula Manumanunitoga.

He said parents of bullies and their children should be brought to the school for counselling.

Mr Manumanunitoga said counselling must be done once and if the action was repeated, students must find another school.

He also proposed that school heads be given the authority to decide whether the student was a threat and must find another school.

“Student bullying can even lead to death and the ministry cannot just say stop,” Mr Manumanunitoga said.

“The head of school is the best person to make the decision and they must give the last say on whether to keep that child in school or if he has become a threat.”

Mr Manumanunitoga stressed that school heads must not only disseminate duties to teachers, but they must also supervise their teachers.

“It all boils down to school leaders and how he or she supervises,” he added.

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