Letters to the Editor – April 10, 2019


Editor’s pick

Don’t know if I agree with Simon Hazelman about others being targeted regarding the Sun and the FT (FT 09/04) but that is fine, we all see the world differently but we respect each other’s views, as for letters to the editor, the whole point of publishing letters is to provide interest and thus sell more newspapers and the editor is the sole arbitrator of interest, while balancing writers who might be cutting too close to the political nerve ends with human interest stories. The FT is particularly blessed with a coterie of writers who offer differing points of view while at the same time interacting with one another. I think Fred Wesley has done a great job here with his selections and he has made the FT letters section a must read. Terry Hulme Eastwood, NSW, Australia

Editor’s prerogative

If Simon Hazelman gets 40 per cent of his letters published (FT 9/4) then he is very fortunate. A letter writer can write as many letters as he likes but he can’t insist on all to be published. To publish or not to publish is the editor/newspaper’s prerogative. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. Some letter writers are awfully predictable (shamelessly pro-government, for instance) and boring and it becomes the public duty of the editor to protect his readers from such contributions! Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Hole inside

No Wise, if you gave someone your heart and they died, they sure never took it with them, for it remains with you! While we all expect love to happen only once, it can definitely happen again and again. That hole in your heart needs to be filled and while many questions and issues will arise about patching it up, you need to clearly understand that it is OK and not illegal nor unChristian like to fall in love again. Life is short and love is amazing, so what the heck, falling in love twice or even thrice! If you still struggle with that, then come to Savusavu, where we can certainly patch that hole inside of you! Simon Hazelman Rava Estate, Savusavu

Health services

As announced but although late, our government is forever determined to maintain its many election promises to provide free healthcare services to Fijians including that of their general practitioner’s costs. Great news where this will make it very convenient for all Fijians who live close to a GP and would now not need to travel afar to a public hospital, this idea will certainly take the burden off the long wait and will make health services convenient and accessible to all young, old, mothers and the elders or senior citizens of our society. Get ready to register for your new health card IDs Fiji, bravo Minister Dr. Waqainabete for the vision and the foresight, but I do hope you will at least hear words of thank you government from those Opposition members in your next Parliament sitting. Tukai Lagonilakeba Namaka, Nadi

Minister’s stance

The previous minister responsible for local government after the 2014 general elections promised to have the Local Government Act reviewed during his four-year term but was unable to. The present minister had announced in Parliament last week that the Act would first need to be reviewed before municipal elections could be held. This law must be a very complex piece of legislation to require two terms of government to review it. We are now on the fifth year of the review and ratepayers can only hope that this would be completed before the end of the current term in 2022, before we are able to elect our new councils in Fiji. Emosi Balei Suva

Retired teachers

What was once deemed unthinkable may now become a reality in the near future. There has been so much debate on the correct retirement age for civil servants. Many argue that civil servants have still a lot to offer at the age of 55. The private sector makes use of available human resources because they are valuable. They mould the next generation of workers. On the prospect of re-employing retired teachers, just bringing the idea to the table reflects the desperate status of Fiji’s educational field. I’d write this once again, the Ministry of Education has to concentrate on the reasons this situation is arising. Let alone it being the last option, what other options are there? What if this last option of retired teachers show no interest? Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

7s history

The Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team created history by becoming the first team to win the Hong Kong 7s title five years in a row. Mercurial former captain Jerry Tuwai became the only player to make it five victories in a row in the history of the event. The road to victory was already in the making when our honourable Prime Minister congratulated and rewarded our Fiji special Olympics team that set the tone for the record five in a row wins at So Kon Po. Congratulations to the team and coach Gareth Baber for giving wins from pool play to the final. The support of the Fijian fans was the icing on the cake for the sweet record victory. Meanwhile, I do not agree with Simon Hazelman of Savusavu (FT8/4) asking Fiji Rugby Union to do something productive and boycott the sevens series. FRU did put in a worthy bid and I am confident of a positive outcome in the near future. Boycotting doesn’t suit our most successful sport, but definitely unites the nation. Like Fred Wesley said, “We punch well above our weight, and rattle more developed nations”. More fitting, I suggest the soccer loving fans should boycott the boring local football matches that will not give us any success in the international scene to play in the World Cup in any format. I am sure Fiji FA president, Rajesh Patel will surely congratulate the successful Fiji 7s team and harp about being elected into the FIFA council with no pathway to send the Bula Boys on to the world stage. Rugby has done it, both in the 7s and 15s code. Once again, all the best to the boys for the Singapore tournament. Raymond Singh Lautoka

Key to Singapore win

I agree with Jo Makaba (F/T 09/04) that consistency is needed if Fiji wants to defend the Singapore 7s title that our boys won in emphatic fashion after claiming the famous “4 in-a-row” at the iconic So Kon Po stadium last year. Fiji was on the verge of handing Australia a sweet victory but the flying feet of Naduva rescued Fiji from the face of defeat and we went on to make a back-to-back tournament series win for the first time. The Singapore 7s win was special as it was our fourth tournament win in the circuit. Our team is on a high and the boys must quickly forget the HK 7s win and reset focus this week as our heroes face South Africa, Scotland and Canada. Scotland clinched the Challenge Trophy after outclassing Japan 26-24 while the Blitzbokke lost to Argentina in the fifth place semi-final 19-17. On the other hand, Canada lost to Wales 29-14 in the 13th place semi-final. We cannot afford to rest on our laurels and must aim for another cup win to settle nerves and put pressure on the series leader. We will celebrate Palm Sunday on the finals day and I’m banking on our boys to give our beautiful children a wonderful gift that they’ll cherish on Palm Sunday. Toso Viti toso! Kemudou ga rawata! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Termite expert

The Biosecurity Authority Fiji is going to appoint a termite expert consultant to assist in the control and management of termite infestation. During this phase, planning should commence for the next one. The eradication of this pest. The Asian subterranean termites have caused more than enough damage. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Strength required

With advancing years I suppose our physical prowess diminishes. However, I still believe I should be capable of twisting off the caps of soft drink/water bottles without having to resort to pliers. The current crop of blue bottle tops would defy the average weightlifter. I suppose it is a ploy by manufacturers to make us sweat buckets in the opening procedure therefore having to buy another bottle to recoup the loss. Allan Loosley Tavua

Religious teacher

Why don’t all the faith-based schools employ a fulltime teacher of religion? He or she may or may not be the principal. Vijay P. Madhavan Borron Rd, Suva

Thank you

Thank you to the Gareth Baber and the boys — awsome! And I must say Ikanikoda just fitted in like a glove. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Congratulations gladiators

Congrats are in order for our gladiators. Fifth time in a row, you made us proud. It is a good achievement for us. Thank you boys for your hard work and dedication. To the coach, please empathise on their conversions which is a major weak point. After sir Serevi left, we are left with the void in this particular field. Hope the boys improve on that with some more practice. This play was anticipated well in a very positive way by many. We are blessed to be having Hong Kong 7s as our lucky charm. Once again kudos to all the players. May God bless you all and the coach. Kirti Patel Lautoka

Beauty in motion

Fiji’s Hong Kong 7s win is the result of repeat masterclass performance. Fiji brought joy to the world with their mesmerising individual and scintillating team skill. It was beauty in motion in that rugby code. Thank you Fiji rugby for making Fijians all over the world so proud of your record achievement. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Pothole lovo

Some of the potholes along the Kings highway is good enough to make a lovo during this Easter. Only thing you need is the firewood as the pit and the stones are already on site. Pita Soroaqali Nadarivatu || april10lekap9 || Strength rrquiredWith advancing years I suppose o


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