Touched by love


FIJI Airways Fiji Sevens coach Gareth Baber took some time off the pitch to visit children at the Gospel School of the Deaf yesterday in Samabula.

“It is wonderful to be here and see the good work the school is doing and see the hard work that goes into these individuals here who have obstacles in their lives like many of us have but remain humble,” Baber said.

“They just want to learn and develop themselves and I am just privileged and humbled to be part of it.”

Baber bought a smile to all the classrooms he entered as mingled and communicated using sign language with students of the school who recognized the 2018-2019 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series title winning coach.

“Being in a place like this today shows in my perspective somethings we hold dear to us is insignificant when it comes to the hardships the students here have to endure.

“You go into a classroom and see smiles on their faces, it is lovely to be able to just share with them.”

Baber said teachers should especially be praised for their efforts in ensuring children in these schools receive a proper education.

“We have to give the thanks back to the teachers as well, who have trained especially to be here and develop these children and surround them with the love the care and attention they need to create the opportunities in life that they may develop themselves”.

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